Why do Surface Pattern Designers need MockUps you ask? Since Surface Pattern Designers is the creation of application of artwork, specifically for printable product surfaces, often times for products that don’t physically exist, then you need to show it on a surface to give the buyer or onlooker something to rest their eyes upon and not have to imagine your designs on something. I find that the two best places to get MOCKUPS have been at the moment, CreativeMarket.com and Etsy.com. It also depends what you create for. If your designs are for the Children’s market, then you may want to show your designs on toddler shoes, onsies for baby, crib duvets, etc… It is also a great way to include these MOCKUPS in your LookBooks. A MOCKUP is a test or prototype of a design for promo purposes, so use some to showcase your pattern designs!

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