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Hi there! I’m Nora, a Pattern Designer and Illustrator, based in New York, USA. My work is original, unique and playful. Some of my favorite themes are florals, animals and children’s motifs. I also like to work on graphic illustrations. Although the subjects and methods of my work may vary, one thing that always remains constant is my positivity and innate desire to see the beauty in all that life has to offer. Please take a look around my website to experience the magic. I hope by the end of it, that I have given you a reason to smile. For more of my recent Prints and Patterns, please contact me. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

ABOUT ME: I was born in New York City. I went to Columbia University Grad School and did a Thesis on Mural Art, written in French. I ultimately found my path to FIT-Fashion Institute of Technology to study Graphic Design. I loved Design so much, that I am now designing Surface Designs and Illustrations. I am an advocate for all forms of learning and I believe that one of its best rewards is to take this knowledge and to share it with others. On my free time, I spend it with my husband and 2 kitties. 🙂

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